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Editing for clarity and productivity.

Areas of Practice


Legal information

Legislation, contracts and other legal information still follows the writing style of the 18th century, relying on overly long sentences and Latin phrases that no longer serve people or companies. I have worked with lawyers to clarify their writing, and can help you create documents that saving you or your clients time and money in the long run.  


Governments work to create better cities, provinces and countries. But staff experts tend to overestimate the information needs of citizens and sometimes even each other. I have helped create documents to be readily understood by citizens, experts in other fields and time-strapped decision-makers.   


Constant change means organization rely more and more on the written word to share vital information. Bylaws, policy documents, handbooks, and websites put everyone on the same page. I have helped provincial and federal governments and not-for-profit boards to keep ideas and information flowing smoothly and effectively.